?As star capital fled from Horgos, Zhao Wei, Feng Xiaogang, Zhao Wenzhuo and others cancelled the company's "Yin-Yang contract" in succession. On February 25, it was reported that the liquidation information appeared in the industrial and commercpk10黑马计划软件手机版下载 ial materials of Horgos Meila culture media Co., Ltd. and Horgos Meila has set up a liquidation group. On April 22 this year, khorgosmeira announced to apply for cancellation in the form of self liquidation. It can be seen from the public information that the shareholders of the company include Feng Xiaogang, Wang Zhongjun and Ma Yun, who hold 31%, 24.52% and 5.12% respectively. Wang Zhonglei was once the legal representative of horgosmella, and Feng Xiaogang is now the manager of horgosmella. Through careful observation, it can be found that since April this year, film and television stars have started to cancel or withdraw from their companies in succession: on April 3, Beijing straw bear Technology Co., Ltd. under Liu Shishi's name was renamed Beijing qishibang Technology Co., Ltd., and Liu Shishi resigned as the legal representative of the company. On April 23, actor Zhao Wenzhuo and Zhang Danlu's wholly-owned holgosvanqi film and television media Co., Ltd. announced their application for cancellation. On February 22, Horgos Xinghe Film Co., Ltd., the actor appointed as the legal representative and holding 21% of the shares, applied for cancellation. On February 22, the Hangzhou Pulin investment management partnership (Pulin investment) in which Zhao Wei is a partner began liquidation and filing on March 22. As you can see, most of the companies are written off in Horgos.