?"Peachblossom scandal" and commercial dispute "military division alliance" bring Wu Xiubo too much "surprise" and "scare"... "Shuquan" is in a mess recently. Liu qiangdong, who "didn't know his wife's beauty", managed to get away from the American dinner. Wu Xiubo, who had been low-key for many years, immediately stepped into the afterlife of "sex scandal". It never rains alone. Uncle Bo's personal affairs have not disappeared. Holgos No.2 culture media Co., Ltpc蛋蛋双杀尾 d., a wholly-owned subsidiary of his 211% holding company, has been involved in commercial disputes again. It's a little bloody. Zhang Jian, the former legal person of Wu Xiubo company, privately engraved the official seal, which led to the problem of income distribution of more than 2.1 billion yuan in the Army division alliance of Sima Yi, the grand military division. At present, Zhang Jian has been sued. Most of us don't know who Zhang Jian is, but Wu Xiubo is constantly being searched on Weibo because of negative news. His stable, low-key and connotative uncle image, which he has created for many years, is also facing collapse in a few days. Today's star is a very complex profession, not only participating in acting, variety show, and walking, but also highly tied with the capital market. According to the reporter of the daily economic news, Wu Xiubo is associated with 21 companies.