?Source: this year, the equity market of Zhongrong micro vision point is in a downturn, while the stock exchange open-end Index Fund (ETF) is being sought after by funds and its scale is rising. The market popularity of the two can be described as two hot and cold days. If we use one word to describe the hot market of ETF, it is the "open" like growth. What are the reasons behind this? How will ETF develop? Which products are worthy of attention in the future? ETF: exchange traded fund is the abbreviation of trading open-end index fund in winter. It combines the operation characteristics of closed-end fund and open-end fund. Investors can not only purchase or redeem fund shares from fund management companies, but also buy and sell ETF shares at market price in secondary market like closed-end fund. Therefore, investors can carry out arbitrage transaction when there is a difference between ETF market price and fund unit net value, which also makes ETF avoid the common discount problem of closed-end fund. From the first ETF launched in February 2114 tqq上快三群是真的 o the end of the third quarter of 2123, the scale of domestic ETF is increasing year by year. By the end of the third quarter of 2123, the total scale of domestic non monetary ETF is 255.3 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 23.4%. However, compared with the management scale of all public funds, ETF accounts for only 2.11% of the total. Compared with the mature markets in Europe and the United States, ETF still has a significant gap, and there is a huge space for future development.